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High-quality service with cost certaintyYour costs for a breast augmentation at the Klinik am Rhein in Düsseldorf

Around 42% of women want implants to enlarge their breasts. After all, the female breasts play a key role in how comfortable women feel in their own body and about their figure. Plastic and aesthetic surgery is more popular than ever before. In addition to wanting to change the body and making the decision to pursue it, the cost of a breast augmentation also plays a big role. How expensive are breast implants? There is often a huge difference between the actual costs and the patient’s expectations.

High-quality breast augmentation with low-interest financing

Although surgery is often medically indicated, i.e. for an abnormality, it is very rare that the health insurance providers cover the costs for the procedure. If a patient does not want to or cannot pay the full amount at once, the Klinik am Rhein gives patients the option of paying for the surgery in instalments in cooperation with its partner medipay. This allows patients to pay for their treatment in monthly instalments at low interest rates. The number of instalments is determined according to the patient’s wishes.

To qualify for financing, all you need to provide is a current statement of your earnings. If patients do not work, or are pupils or students, a guarantor is required. The Klinik am Rhein advises its patients about financing during the consultation, clarifies important questions and provides all of the necessary information.

Breakdown of the costs for a breast augmentation

The Klinik am Rhein offers an experienced team of specialists and highly-qualified staff. The quality of the implants as well as the surgery and aftercare for the patients are our top priority. Of course, the quality of the treatment is also reflected in the costs. However, we still make sure patients receive good value for money. The fee for a breast augmentation covers various aspects and is the full price for the entire treatment. In addition to the actual procedure, it also includes costs for the anaesthesia by experienced anaesthetists, the implants, an overnight stay and aftercare. Prices may deviate, for example in cases where the skin also needs to be tightened if there is excessive sagging of the breasts.

See the result before the surgery - state-of-the-art computer technology

The renowned clinic in Düsseldorf is also one of the few clinics in Germany to offer the 3D camera system Vectra XT. This allows the patient to see the size and shape of the desired breasts before the operation in a realistic 3D simulation. The surgeon can use this system to plan the procedure more precisely and take existing conditions into account. The computer system shows results, asymmetries and volume differences to the millimetre.

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