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Temple lift in Düsseldorf

A temple lift is performed as a single procedure or sometimes in combination with a facelift. During the natural ageing process, the skin around the temples and the sides of the forehead sags so that the sides of the forehead seem to drop. The temples can be raised at the sides by lifting the skin, which makes the face appear much younger and brighter. Wrinkles at the side are reduced and lifted. In some cases, even wrinkles on the side of the forehead are reduced and the upper cheeks are lifted.

Operating time 1 hour
Anaesthesia Local anaesthetic/twilight anaesthesia
Stay Outpatient
Recovery period 1 week

What happens during a temple lift?

A temple lift as a single procedure is usually performed under local anaesthetic. If the patient requests, the procedure can also be performed under twilight anaesthesia.
The surgery involves making an incision on the side of the head, around 3 cm behind the hair line. Here, the tissue under the skin is carefully released and pulled back and up. This creates the lifting effect. Stable fascia sutures under the skin secure the lift effect in place.

Excess skin is then removed by making a sloping incision in the skin and the wound is then sealed. The discreet scar that is created is completely concealed in the hair on the temples. Alternatively, if there is excess skin, it can be removed on the temples in front of the hair line and the scar is concealed on the front edge of the hair line in an arch shape. For male patients with a receding hair line, the area of skin to be removed can be selected and planned individually.

What combinations can be performed with the temple lift?

Sometimes, patients also request a cheek lift and neck lift in addition to a temple lift. In these cases, the temple lift can be combined with a facelift and performed during the same procedure. The lifting effect of the skin and the fascial structures under the skin give the face a more youthful appearance. This effect cannot be permanently achieved without surgery. All aspects of the surgery, the result that can be expected, possible risks and limitations are discussed in detail during a personal consultation.

How long do the effects last?

Temple lift treatment in Düsseldorf

Even though the human body and the face will still go through the natural ageing process after the operation, the lifted areas still appear younger and tighter compared to the non-operated areas of the body. Imagine this as a beauty curve that has been lifted and that slowly drops down from a new higher level. In this respect, the operation has a permanent effect even though the natural ageing process of the patient continues.
Therefore, a temple lift or a facelift does not serve to prevent the ageing process but to improve the quality of life by creating a more youthful appearance. As a result, patients can age gracefully without having to look their age.

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