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B-Lite silicone implants: 30% lighter than other implants

More and more women are deciding to undergo breast augmentation surgery due to improved techniques and a lower risk of side effects from the treatment. Excellent results can already be achieved with modern silicone gel implants. After more than 10 years of research and development as well as extensive testing, a completely new generation of breast implants has been successfully developed. The still new B-Lite silicone implants are enjoying growing popularity in aesthetic and plastic surgery and are setting new standards. Because women who would like large breasts now have the option of having implants that are considerably lighter than traditional silicone implants.

Operating time 1-1.5 hours
Anaesthesia General anaesthesia
Stay 1 night
Recovery period 1-2 weeks

Short and sweet – the benefits of B-Lite implants

  • 30% lighter than other implants
  • Very resilient material
  • Natural appearance
  • Based on NASA technology
  • Particularly suitable for women with weak connective tissue
  • Ideal for breast augmentations
  • The world’s lightest breast implants
  • Made in Germany

Why B-Lite silicone implants?

When large implants are used, B-Lite silicone implants improve the shape of the breasts in the long term. The lighter weight gives the surgeon more options for shaping the breasts. The effect of gravity on the breasts is reduced by 1/3, and the feel of the implants in the body is also very natural. B-Lite silicone implants are also durable and long-lasting. The implants are made in Germany by Polytech, a renowned company with more than 25 years of experience in producing safe implants. Therefore, they rightly bear the quality seal ‘Made in Germany’.

The surface of B-Lite breast implants is similar to the surface of regular silicone implants; the only difference is the lighter silicone gel inside. At a size/volume of 600 millilitres, a ‘traditional’ implant weights 600 grams. The B-Lite implants with a volume of 600 millilitres weigh around 160 grams less, i.e. 440 grams – this reduction in weight lightens the load on the entire breast tissue.

Why are B-Lite silicone implants so light?

B-Lite silicone implants are about 30% lighter than normal silicone gel implants. This is due to a new kind of silicone gel with a much lower density. The secret is in the so-called microspheres that are inside the gel and are permanently connected with the silicone molecules without penetrating the silicone shell.

The cohesive silicone gel is extremely viscous and keeps its shape. Even in the very unlikely event that the shell of the implant ruptures, the material would not leak.

The Klinik am Rhein has been an expert in the successful use of lightweight implants for some time now.

For which breast procedures are B-Lite silicone implants suitable?

Particularly women who have naturally weak connective tissue but would still like bigger breasts benefit from the low weight of B-Lite silicone implants. The new lightweight implants offer a real alternative, as they significantly reduce the sagging of the breasts. More and more surgeons are now also using B-Lite implants in breast reconstruction surgery.

What complications can occur with B-Lite silicone implants?

The risks of B-Lite implants are comparable with those of normal implants and are just as low if the patient is treated by a specialist for aesthetic and plastic surgery. However, if complications do occur, for example if the implant ruptures, rotates or capsular contracture occurs, it can be quickly detected by performing a mammogram or an ultrasound. In fact, the air-filled microsphere improves visibility. Replacing the implants is the same as with traditional silicone implants.

Is there long-term experience with B-Lite silicone implants?

Since these implants are a recent development, no long-term comparative studies are available. However, the Klinik am Rhein is one of the first clinics in Germany to use the lightweight implants. We have performed many successful procedures and have had equally as many satisfied patients. This allows us to confirm the positive effect of B-Lite. Their safety is also documented as they bear the CE marking. Furthermore, the only difference between the new types of implants and traditional implants is the structure of the silicone gel inside. The rest is based on the proven traditional roughened surfaces.

Do you have any questions about breast augmentation surgery with B-Lite silicone implants?

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