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Buttock lift

Fat cells are one of the most important parts of the buttocks in addition to the ischium as the skeleton and the gluteus maximus. They act as padding to protect the ischium from overuse caused by mechanical irritation. Losing a lot of weight often results in sagging buttocks, which is also exacerbated by the natural ageing process and loosening of the connective tissue. The plastic surgeon can effectively counter this with a buttock lift. The surgical buttock lift should only be performed once the patient has achieved their goal weight. This saves time and costs of having to perform corrective surgeries.

Operating time 2 hours
Anaesthesia General anaesthesia
Stay 1 night
Recovery period 2 weeks

What happens during a surgical buttock lift at the clinic?

The cosmetic surgeon enhances sagging buttocks by making two horizontal incisions along the top of the buttocks. The distance between these incisions depends on the amount of excess tissue. The surgeon removes the tissue between the two incisions and sutures the edges of the incisions together. In the deeper layers of tissue, dissolvable sutures are used, which the body can easily break down. To close the skin, usually sutures are used that have to be removed after around two weeks. The benefit of this type of incision is that the remaining scars can be concealed by bikini bottoms or shorts.

What happens if the incision above the buttocks is not enough to lift it?

Even in this case, those suffering from sagging buttocks do not have to live with it. The surgeon can remove the excess skin from underneath. The procedure is identical; the only difference is that the incision is made in the fold underneath the buttocks when standing. The scar will later be concealed in this natural fold and will not be seen.

A buttock lift can also be combined with other operations, such as a thigh lift or a complete body lift.

Important measures after the buttock lift

After the surgical buttock lift, bandages as well as compression clothing must be worn. The amount of time this requires depends on how the patient’s wounds heal. Avoiding alcohol and nicotine before and after the procedure can positively affect wound healing. After the buttock lift in the clinic, patients should avoid sitting where possible as this exerts pressure on the wounds at the top of the buttocks. The wound in the fold under the buttocks is subjected to both tension and pressure while sitting.

This means that patients with certain jobs may have to take some time off work. Furthermore, the wounds must not be exposed to direct sunlight. It is not recommended to apply sun cream with a high SPF as most of these creams contain ingredients that may cause wound healing disorders. It is best to keep the buttocks covered.

Are there alternatives to a surgical buttock lift?

Sagging buttocks are often the result of losing a lot of weight, which causes a huge loss in volume of the fat cells in the buttocks. If you want to improve the shape of your buttocks, find out more about the various shaping options from the specialists at the Klinik am Rhein. Replacing the volume can also visibly lift the buttocks. Injecting the patient’s own fat is ideal here; it can be obtained by performing liposuction on the abdomen or hips. The result of the procedure is also referred to as a Brazilian butt.

Do you have any questions about the buttock lift procedure?

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