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Ear correction: We offer these methods at our clinic in Düsseldorf

Protruding ears can strongly dominate the facial appearance and thus significantly reduce the quality of life of the affected person. The cause is usually a missing inner ear fold or an overly large inner auricle.

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Protruding ears can strongly dominate the facial appearance and thus reduce the aesthetic perception of the person affected. thus significantly impacting their quality of life.

Operating time 30 minutes to 1 hour
Anaesthesia Local anaesthetic/twilight anaesthesia
Stay Outpatient
Recovery period 3-4 days

Pin back the ears with minimum effort

The minimally invasive earFold method was developed a few years ago to improve the shape of prominent ears. This method is particularly suitable for patients who have a missing inner ear fold, which causes the ears to stick out. The specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery would be happy to advise you personally.

A tiny incision is made in the skin under local anaesthetic so that a small sterile staple can be inserted under the skin on the inner fold of the ear in order to achieve the missing curve. This means that possible risks involved in more extensive procedures can be minimised and the desired shape created by pinning back the ears can be achieved quickly and easily. There should be no visible scars. Exclusion criteria for the procedure are more extensive deviations in shape and asymmetry of the ears as well as very thin skin through which the small staple can be seen.

Tried-and-tested surgical method

The traditional otoplasty was developed several decades ago, so today there is a wealth of experience available. The procedure can be performed on children at pre-school age or at an early school age; the procedure to pin back the ears can also be performed on adults.

Before the operation, the new shape of the ears to be achieved by the procedure is discussed, as well as the result that can be expected and possible risks. There are usually no visible scars as they are hidden behind the ears; the profile is improved and the often severe emotional impact patients used to suffer is improved or even resolved by the surgical procedure. The plastic surgeon performs the treatment by correcting the outer ear using the rapid incision-suture technique as well as a short general anaesthesia in children or twilight anaesthesia or alternatively local anaesthesia in adults. This alters the appearance of the cartilage. After the operation, a head bandage has to be worn for one week and a headband for five weeks thereafter. Exercise should be restricted for six weeks. Your specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery will provide you with the information you need about the treatment during a personal consultation at the clinic, which you can arrange.

How long does the result of an ear correction procedure last?

An ear correction performed by an experienced specialist is permanent. The former emotional impact patients suffered is usually resolved in the long term.

From what age can the procedure be performed?

Ear correction can be performed at pre-school age, ideally at age 5 or 6.

Do health insurance providers cover the costs of ear correction?


The costs of ear correction for children are frequently covered; adults usually have to cover the costs for the treatment themselves. A consultation to discuss the exact costs is arranged before the treatment.

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