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Breast treatmentsBreast surgery in Düsseldorf

Not only are the breasts very important to the female silhouette, they also play a very important role in intimacy and are therefore inextricably linked to a woman’s self-esteem. The Klinik am Rhein in Düsseldorf specialises in breast surgery.

When is breast surgery performed?

If a woman’s breasts are too small, it can cause significant intimacy problems in her relationship and make her feel self-conscious. Small breasts are usually caused by hormones or genetics. Sagging breasts, however, can be the result of weight loss, pregnancy or ageing. In both of these cases, and if the breasts are asymmetrical, breast augmentation may be the best solution.

Patients who suffer from anisomastia (congenital asymmetry of the breasts) can either undergo breast reduction or augmentation to even them out. ‘Tuberous breasts’ are the result of an abnormality that gives the breasts a tube-like shape. A breast augmentation can be performed to improve their shape. In special cases, the costs of this breast surgery can be covered by the patient’s health insurance provider.

‘Ptosis’ refers to sagging of the breasts, which is usually caused by ageing or radical weight loss. In these cases, breast augmentation or a breast lift can help improve the shape of the breasts, depending on the severity. For patients whose breasts have shrunk in size, which occurs due to the shrinking of the mammary glands, breast surgery can be an option to reduce the excess skin by lifting or enlarging the breasts.

During breast surgery, silicone implants are inserted to recreate a feminine silhouette and can restore or boost the patient’s confidence. However, patients should only undergo breast surgery once they have achieved their target weight and the breasts have taken on their final shape. Otherwise, the patient’s proportions may change and ultimately lead to unsatisfactory results.

What happens during the surgery?

The implants to enlarge the breasts are inserted in one of the following ways:

  • Inframammary fold (underneath the breast) – the chosen implant is inserted by making an incision along the fold under the breast
  • Areola – the incision is made along the edge of the dark areola towards the light-coloured skin
  • Armpit – the implant is inserted through an incision in the armpit

If the breasts are too big, they do not only affect self-confidence, but can also cause severe medical problems. Excessively large breasts often cause poor posture as well as severe back pain, both in the short and long term. Breast reduction surgery in Düsseldorf can achieve a breast size that is more in proportion with the rest of the body. If there is an urgent medical reason for the surgery, some or even all of the costs will be covered by the patient’s health insurance provider.

Breast surgery in men

Men can also be affected by problems in the chest area. While ‘gynaecomastia’ (enlarged breast tissue in males) during puberty is a natural reaction of the body that normally resolves on its own, many men suffer from ‘man boobs’. Breast surgery in Düsseldorf can significantly improve even extensive cases of gynaecomastia.

Gynaecomastia occurs when the male breast tissue grows and takes on a similar shape to female breasts over time. This uncomfortable change usually occurs on both sides, but can also affect only one side in rare cases. The reasons for this development are often unclear. For example, changes in liver function as well as taking medication that contains oestrogen are suspected of disrupting the balance of female and male hormones. In very rare cases, gynaecomastia can even be caused by a tumour. Before undergoing breast surgery at our clinic, it is important to reduce excess weight by exercising regularly and following a healthy diet, as this can reduce gynaecomastia to a certain extent.


Beautiful breasts to boost your confidence

Many women dream of having beautiful breasts with a shape and size that meet their expectations. The Klinik am Rhein specialises particularly in breast surgery.

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