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Your payment plan with medipay

At our clinic you can pay for your treatment easily and at low interest rates in monthly instalments – with the medipay patient instalment plan! You can select the term and monthly instalments yourself according to your individual needs. For a term of 12 months as an example, you will only pay 2.4% in interest. If you pay the total cost within six months, there is no interest charge and no service fees!

How does medipay work?

During your consultation at our clinic, you can ask for a brochure including a loan request form. Alternatively you can download the documents as a PDF here. Complete the loan request form and fax or send it directly to the medipay partner bank. For a loan of up to 4,000 euros, medipay only requires a copy of both sides of your ID card and your debit card. For a loan of more than 4,000 euros, a copy of a current statement of your earnings must also be provided.
The loan request is non-binding and without obligation. This allows you to find out your financing options quickly and easily - maybe even before your consultation with us. After two or three days, you will receive an answer from medipay in your letter box! Once the loan has been confirmed, you will receive a type of check that you sign and hand over to us before your procedure.

Who can use medipay?

In general, anyone can use medipay if they are a resident of Germany, are employed and have disposable income. If this is not the case, e.g. you are a pupil/student/trainee or even a non-working housewife, an additional second borrower is required, e.g. a working parent, partner or spouse.

How are the instalments set?

You decide your monthly instalment rate. Calculate your preferred rate.

Instalment calculator

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