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HYBRID breast augmentation in Düsseldorf – breast augmentation with implants and fat transfer

The term ‘hybrid breasts’ is still relatively new and refers to the combination of different parts of tissue to make up the breasts. The term is usually used to refer to breast augmentation and describes the use of implants as well as the additional injection of the patient’s own fat in order to achieve the final result.

Operating time 2 hours
Anaesthesia General anaesthesia
Stay 1 night
Recovery period 1-2 weeks

What special feature does the hybrid breast augmentation offer?

Combining an implant with a fat transfer has several benefits for breast augmentation. Since the implant is covered by a thicker layer of fat, the outer edges and transitions flow better. The breasts are softer and more natural to the touch. Specifically the décolleté can appear more voluminous by injecting the body’s own fatty tissue in specific places, thereby improving the appearance of the contours. It is also possible to select a smaller implant since the rest of the volume can be made up using the fatty tissue. The reduced implant weight has long-term benefits for the tissue.

How is a hybrid breast augmentation performed?

The fatty tissue is first removed from a different area on the body, thereby achieving a further positive effect. The abdomen or the hips are slimmer and the breasts are fuller. Fatty tissue can also be removed from the thighs or the upper arms. The improvement to the proportions is permanent.
Now the implant is inserted into the breast. The incision can either be made in the underarm, along the areola or underneath in the breast fold.

Here, the procedure is no different to a regular breast augmentation. Afterwards, we inject the fatty tissue removed in the first step into the tissue around the implant.

Would you like to find out more about this procedure? You can find a detailed description of both treatment methods under breast augmentation and breast augmentation with fat transfer. We are also available to personally assist you!

The benefits of a hybrid breast augmentation at a glance

Consultation in Düsseldorf on hybrid breast augmentation


  • Softer transitions
  • Breasts feel more natural
  • Better shape of the décolleté
  • Small implants can be used
  • Additionally improves typical problem areas (abdomen/hips/thighs)
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