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Full lips can become a reality thanks to lip injections with hyaluronic acid

The shape and volume of the lips play a deciding role in whether they are considered attractive. Well-formed lips make a face look friendly, while thin lips can make a face look tense. Full lips give the face a vivacious expression. The volume and shape of the mouth are determined to a significant extent by genetics. Those who are unhappy with their lips do not simply have to accept them – our specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery can fill out the lack of volume or the unattractive shape with hyaluronic acid.

Operating time 15-30 minutes
Anaesthesia Topical anaesthetic
Stay 1 hour
Recovery period 1-2 days

What happens during the lip injections procedure at the Klinik am Rhein?

Using the thinnest cannulas, the filler is applied to the vermilion border and, if necessary, also directly into the vermilion zone [reddish area of the lips]. This allows the shape as well as the volume of the lip to be precisely modified. The focus is always on the optimal aesthetic balance between upper and lower lip.
A topical anaesthetic is applied to the lips before the treatment. After an exposure time of approx. 20 minutes, the smooth material can be easily and evenly applied. Immediately afterwards, the patients receive a cooling element to reduce the initial swelling.

Lip injections with hyaluron acid provides natural results

Experienced and competent specialists for plastic and aesthetic surgery recommend injecting hyaluronic acid to improve wrinkles and remodel the lips. This active ingredient has several benefits. It is particularly well tolerated because the human body produces hyaluronic acid. Furthermore, lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid offers completely natural results. The active ingredient can also be precisely dosed. The result is permanent with regular follow-up treatments. The frequency of the follow-up treatments depends on the patient’s metabolism. In general, we assume the effect will last for 6 to 18 months.

With hyaluronic acid, lip wrinkles are a thing of the past

People with thin lips are predestined to have lip wrinkles. However, it makes no difference whether thin lips are genetic or caused by ageing of the tissue. A nice side effect of lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid is that lip wrinkles disappear. Patients who have fan-like wrinkles on the upper lip benefit from this in particular.

Lipofilling by injecting fat also delivers good results

An alternative to lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid is lipofilling by injecting the patient’s own fat. The required fat is removed from other areas of the body with microcannulas and undergoes complex reprocessing before it is injected into the lips with even finer cannulas. Injecting fat provides immediate natural results. The benefit of this is that large parts of the injected fat cells grow into the lips. As a result, lipofilling with a fat transfer provides permanent results.

What are the side effects of lip injections?

Both lip augmentation using fat as well as hyaluronic acid can cause slight swelling, a feeling of pressure and redness in the treated area. These side effects disappear after a few hours. Cooling the lips accelerates the healing process. Both types of lip augmentation should only be performed by experienced specialists for aesthetic and plastic surgery. Only they can estimate the dose to achieve the best natural results.

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