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Body proceduresBody-shaping treatments

There are many reasons why patients choose to undergo body-shaping treatments. Congenital or hereditary reasons are the most frequent. Other reasons include weight loss or pregnancies. If those affected suffer a high level of distress, they look for ways to treat these problem zones that limit them functionally and mentally.

At our private clinic, the Klinik am Rhein in Düsseldorf, we offer a wide variety of treatments to shape and rejuvenate the body and give our patients a completely new body image. Our team led by specialist for aesthetic and plastic surgery Dr Holger Hofheinz performs every treatment to the highest quality using the latest and high-quality surgical techniques. Our range of services include all major surgeries to lift and shape the body as well as smaller procedures to make daily life easier, for example aesthetic and functional improvements offered by suction curettage of the sweat glands, intimate surgical procedures or scar revision.

Due to their many areas of application and the demand that grows annually, two procedures in plastic surgery are given priority at the Klinik am Rhein – skin tightening and liposuction.

Most common and customised treatment in plastic body surgery – skin tightening

Loose skin can be a big problem. It can be caused by many factors, for example overstretching after pregnancies, extreme weight loss or a weakness of the tissue as a result of the ageing process. This excess skin is not only unattractive, but often gets in the way of certain movements. Surgical skin tightening at our Klinik am Rhein in Düsseldorf offers a simple and effective treatment.

Highly effective surgical technique

The skin can be tightened on the whole body, but the procedure is usually performed on the abdomen, upper arms and thighs. Depending on the area to be treated, the plastic surgeon places the incisions so that the scars are usually unnoticeable later on. The surgeon removes excess skin and closes the wound edges with special barbed sutures.

Not all skin tightening procedures are the same. The approach and the aftercare can vary. Therefore, the duration of a skin tightening procedure depends entirely on the area to be treated and the amount of tissue to be removed. Smaller procedures, such as tightening the skin on arms, are usually performed under twilight anaesthesia as an outpatient procedure, while larger procedures on the abdomen or legs require general anaesthesia and an overnight stay in the clinic.

Results of the treatment

Since the excess skin is completely removed, the final result is, of course, permanent. However, this does not mean that the remaining skin can no longer sag. Considerable weight gain or pregnancies would have a negative impact on the result. Patients who wish to undergo a skin tightening procedure should therefore ensure that they eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and be aware that another pregnancy is a risk factor for excess skin redeveloping.

Permanent solution to small or large amounts of subcutaneous fat

In addition to the wide-reaching field of skin tightening, liposuction is a popular treatment in plastic and aesthetic surgery. The main reason for the popularity of these procedures is the desire to shape the body rather than merely losing weight. Liposuction is used to specifically remove stubborn fatty deposits that are difficult to shift or cannot be shifted by eating a balanced diet and exercising. This is usually the case with hereditary fat reserves. Often the hips or thighs are affected in women, and the abdomen or back in men.

Gentle treatment with power-assisted tumescent liposuction

At the Klinik am Rhein we use a special tumescence solution to gently remove excess fat cells. Injecting this liquid solution, which also includes a local anaesthetic and isotonic water, into the tissue at the start of the procedure causes the fat cells to bloat. Cannulas that are subjected to slight vibrations gently and evenly suction out the fat while protecting the surrounding tissue and the nerves.

As with skin tightening, liposuction is a procedure that offers permanent results. However, patients should still watch their weight after the procedure in order to avoid stretching the remaining fat cells.

Your trusted doctors – we are here for you

More information about our range of treatments can be found on the following service pages or during a consultation with our specialists. We are available to answer any questions you may have about plastic surgery on the body and would be delighted to welcome to our clinic in Düsseldorf for a personal, no-obligation consultation.


Greater presence in life – with a beautifully shaped silhouette

Clear contours and well-formed proportions – many people have this desire for their body. The Klinik am Rhein can help you achieve the aesthetics result you want. We also have the solution for functional impairments.

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