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Scar revision in Düsseldorf

The main aspects of scar revision is the desire for a visual as well as a functional improvement. Depending on the extent of the findings, each individual procedure is planned together with the patient.

Operating time 30-60 minutes
Anaesthesia Twilight anaesthesia
Stay Outpatient
Recovery period 1-2 weeks

When is scar revision surgery the right procedure?

Scars are caused by various types of injury to the skin, for example after accidents or burns. Scars from operations usually heal well and are not noticeable. However, not all wounds heal as we would like and unattractive scars can appear on the skin. If the wound heals poorly after an injury or an operation, it can form so-called hypertrophic scar tissue, raised scars on the skin. Scar tissue on areas of the body that are easily visible, for example on the face, is considered a major flaw. In most cases, the only option here is a surgical procedure to treat the scar.

What happens during scar revision at the Klinik am Rhein?

We have various techniques available to us. Direct scar removal is usually easy for small scars. Sometimes preparatory measures (e.g. serial excision or tissue expander insertion) are required for larger scars.

The duration of the procedure is usually between 30 and 60 minutes. The treatment can often be performed as an outpatient procedure with local anaesthesia while being semi-sedated (twilight anaesthesia). Patients can go home on the same day, it is not normally necessary for them to stay at the clinic. In case of an emergency, the specialist for aesthetic and plastic surgery is available by phone at all times.

What are the risks of scar revision?

The larger the procedure to correct a scar, the higher the risk of complications. The treatment methods used are very gentle and low-risk. However, as with every operation, there is the risk of side effects such as infections or new scars forming. This is very rare if the patient follows the doctor’s instructions (recovery period, scar care). However, it is common for temporary bruising or swelling of the skin to appear in the treated area. They are usually no cause for concern and disappear by themselves.

Do you have any other questions about scar revision? We would be delighted to help you during a personal consultation at the Klinik am Rhein in Düsseldorf. Make an appointment online or by phone!

Do you have any questions about scar revision?

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