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Breast reduction for a harmonious body shape

A breast reduction is generally combined with a breast lift and is one of the most common procedures in aesthetic and plastic surgery. The aim is to reduce the size of the breasts and adjust the shape in line with the patient’s wishes. The most important indicator of the procedure is relieving the spine and the connective tissue. While a breast lift is performed primarily to correct excess skin, a breast reduction also aims to reduce gland tissue.

Operating time 2 hours
Anaesthesia General anaesthesia
Stay One night
Recovery period 1-2 weeks

What are the requirements for a breast reduction?

Many women suffer from excessively large breasts. The additional weight often leads to poor posture and has a negative effect on the breast tissue, which can quickly become overstretched. In addition to back and neck pain, these women often complain of bra straps digging into the skin and inflammation underneath their breasts.

Breast reduction using the internal bra technique

The so-called reduction mammoplasty can be performed in two ways – either the vertical technique or the inverted-T technique. In both cases, the excess gland/fatty tissue and skin are removed. The extent of scarring depends on how much the skin sags.

At the Klinik am Rhein, we specialise in a procedure that not only reduces the skin and the breast tissue but also supports the mammary gland. This internal bra method for breast lifts and reductions relocates the gland to a specific location, where it is attached to the muscle. This allows the plastic surgeon to create the perfect shape and stability for the breasts. The wounds are closed using dissolvable sutures with a new kind of barbed suture system to achieve perfect healing.

What aftercare is required?

The procedure takes about 2 hours and is performed under general anaesthesia. Thanks to our experienced anaesthetists and the use of state-of-the-art anaesthetics, a gentle and usually well-tolerated wake-up phase follows. The patient stays in the clinic for one night for observation. In case of an emergency, the surgeon can be contacted at any time at an emergency number.

Showers can be resumed on the second day after the surgery. Exercises should be avoided for 4 to 6 weeks. During this time, the patient wears a customised compression bra. The first check-up visit is after a week, and the final check-up visit occurs after 12 weeks.

What are the risks of breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction surgery at our clinic is a routine procedure that is performed exclusively by experienced specialists for aesthetic and plastic surgery. However, side effects, such as unattractive scarring or delayed wound healing, can occur in rare cases. These risks are very low if patients follow all of the doctor’s instructions.

Sometimes, slight swelling and bruising occur around the treated area after the procedure; however, this is no cause for concern and should disappear within a week.

Do health insurance providers cover the cost of the treatment?

Breast reduction surgery is often performed because it is medically necessary. Therefore, there is a good chance that the patient’s health insurance will cover the cost of the procedure.

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