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Botox treatment for frown lines

Frown lines are typical expression lines. They are caused by tensing the expression muscles in the affected area of the face. Over time, the first small wrinkles appear in typical areas, which then develop into furrows that remain in the skin even when the face is relaxed. Out of all expression lines, frown lines are considered particularly bothersome because they give the face an unfriendly, serious expression. Emotions such as rage, anger and worry unintentionally appear between the eyebrows and often the question is asked: ‘Are you in a bad mood or why do you look so grumpy?’ Eventually, this really does cause a bad mood.

Operating time 15-30 minutes
Anaesthesia Topical anaesthetic
Stay Outpatient
Recovery period 1 day

What are frown lines?

The medical term for frown lines is glabellar lines, from the Latin word ‘glabellus’, which means ‘hairless’. This refers to the area between the eyebrows where no hairs grow. Frown lines form in this area because the muscles are particularly active. The corrugator and procerus muscles are responsible for the movement between the eyebrows. These two muscles work dynamically, which means they are always moving. Over time, constantly furrowing the eyebrows causes two or three deep vertical lines in the middle of the forehead to appear. They negatively impact the facial expressions as they do not reflect how the person is truly feeling. This is why most people find these wrinkles bothersome and unattractive. Some people regularly suffer from their misunderstood negative facial expression.

How do frown lines occur?

Frown lines begin to develop while we are young. Genetics plays a big role here; if the parents have frown lines, it is highly likely that their children will also inherit them. Frown lines can also form in people who work in a field that requires high levels of concentration or intellect, such as dentists, precision engineers or computer work in general. This puts great strain on the eyes and subconsciously the eyebrows are drawn in to protect them. The glabella line develops from constantly tensing and subconsciously contracting the muscles.

Another reason these lines develop is the elasticity of the skin tissue reduces and does not bounce back from the continuous movements as we get older. In some people who otherwise have a smooth and even complexion, the frown lines are particularly dominant. At some point, the extreme wrinkles can even be seen when the face is relaxed.

How can frown lines be avoided?

The development of frown lines cannot be prevented, but it can be delayed. The most important way to avoid lines is not looking angry, or at least consciously relaxing the face. Another important tip is regularly applying cream with a high SPF at a young age, ideally at the start of your twenties.

In strong direct sunlight, it is a good idea to wear sunglasses to relax the facial expressions. Wearing sunglasses does not only prevent reflexive squinting of the eyes but also protects the sensitive skin around the eyes from becoming dry. Following these three simple tips will help avoid visible frown lines for a long time. If you already have a prominent frown line, they will not reverse it but will ensure it does not become worse.

Preventative measures

• Do not look angry, consciously relax tense expressions
• Cleanse the skin daily and use special care products
• Avoid intense sun or at least apply sun cream and wear sunglasses

What helps to get rid of frown lines?

Nowadays, frown lines are not an irreversible flaw that people simply have to accept. There are many types of cosmetic treatments to deal with frown lines that all give promising results. Minimally invasive treatments are performed with safe products that smoothen and reduce frown lines for a longer period of time.

Treatment of frown lines with Botox®

Unlike many misconceptions, Botox® treatment with botulinum toxin in no way puts the natural facial expressions at risk. The natural facial expressions remain completely intact. During a simple, minimally invasive procedure, small doses of the substance are injected directly into the muscles that cause the frown line between the eyebrows. Botox® specifically inhibits the nerve impulses and therefore reduces the uncontrolled muscle movements. The result is immediately smooth skin between the eyebrows and a radiant appearance. In addition, because the individual muscles that cause wrinkles are relaxed, over time they lose their ‘strength’ and their ability to cause new wrinkles. The effect lasts up to six months. The treatment is practically pain-free and has no major side effects if performed properly. The Botox® treatment must only be performed by a qualified and experienced specialist in a sterile environment.

Alternative: Treating frown lines with hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is a popular alternative to Botox for injections into wrinkles.
If the wrinkles are very deep, the line is plumped up with a large volume of hyaluronic acid. This is the only way to achieve the desired effect. In order to avoid any bumps due to the large quantity of fillers, the wrinkles are treated in several sessions with smaller doses. Therefore, the effect is not immediate, but as soon as the skin in the frown line has completely regenerated as a result of the treatment with hyaluronic acid, the effect lasts several years. If the frown lines look very prominent and resemble a scar, treatment can be combined with Botox. This reduces the frown line even more quickly as weakening the muscles in a controlled manner supports the skin regeneration process with hyaluronic acid.

When should treatment of frown lines begin?

As we get older, the skin loses its elasticity and tends to form wrinkles more quickly. The earlier frown lines are treated, the less the muscles are used and the depth of the line is easier to treat. The effect is similar with diet to lose weight: If you have gained several kilos over a long period of time, this weight cannot be dropped in a few weeks. A prominent frown line is the result of years of using the muscles between the eye brows. Particularly during the first treatment, responsible doctors only inject a low dose of Botox®. They first look at the result and then decide the amounts that would be ideal to achieve the desired effect and over what period of time. In addition, by treating frown lines early, small wrinkles around the eyes and mouth caused by the ageing process are not as noticeable. In combination with a prominent frown line, the face appears older than without the furrows in the forehead.

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