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At the Klinik am Rhein, we set great store by offering our patients the best possible care. In addition to innovative treatment methods and an individual consultation, we offer you modern communication technology in the form of a video consultation.

Doctor-patient communication is particularly important in aesthetic and plastic surgery in order to be able to carry out the patient’s wishes in the best possible way while ensuring treatment is as gentle as possible. Therefore, a personal consultation is essential; sometimes several appointments are needed on your journey to achieving your new body.

Often, patients have questions just before or after a procedure that require an answer by a doctor. In order to save you long and time-consuming journeys, the Klinik am Rhein offers online video consultations via the jameda portal.

You sit in front of your surgeon, as you would during a real consultation, but do not have to leave the comfort of your own home.

Call us (0211-55028780) or arrange an appointment with your doctor using our online calendar. Find available appointments.

Arrange a consultation online

Step by step It’s this simple


Create a user profile in just a few steps on the Jameda portal. Once you have registered, you can use this access at any time.


Select the time that suits you from our list of appointments.


Just before your appointment, log on to Jameda and go to the ‘Waiting room’. You do not require any additional software for this.


The doctor logs on and meets you in the waiting room. Then the consultation can start – from the comfort of your own home. Your data are safe at all times!

Practical and modernYour advantages of the video consultation

You can gain access to an online consultation from anywhere using your laptop. For example, you can use your lunch break for the consultation without having to use a valuable day of annual leave. Of course, your data will be kept absolutely confidential during the video consultation; the connection is secured via the provider Jameda.

In addition to a visual display, which many patients prefer over a telephone conversation, complicated terms or useful web links can be exchanged via the additional chat window.

An aftercare appointment does not always have to be in person. In some cases, particularly for minimally invasive procedures, it is enough to simply take a look. Informing the doctor about any side effects and abnormalities is much more important.

  • Access from everywhere
  • Confidential data handling
  • Clear communication
  • Little effort
  • Individual consultation and support

Individual consultationCan the aftercare appointment also be carried out as a video consultation?

Whether an online aftercare appointment is an option for you depends on various factors, particularly the type of treatment, and is decided on an individual basis. If there are any complications after a procedure, for example ongoing pain, an examination in person at our clinic is required.

Please note:
The online consultation is not a substitute for a personal initial consultation and examination! It is primarily to be used to clarify general questions and circumstances.

Video consultation

Conveniently from home, work or out and about.

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Fachärzte für Allgemeinchirurgie
in Düsseldorf auf jameda
Fachärzte für Allgemeinchirurgie
in Düsseldorf auf jameda

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