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Gynaecomastia – breast reduction in men

Breast reduction surgery in men is most commonly performed in those suffering from gynaecomastia. This condition causes men to develop breast tissue. In most cases, this is due to a harmless swelling of the mammary gland and the surrounding fatty tissue. The aim of the gynaecomastia surgery is to create a flat and more masculine chest. Since gynaecomastia is usually caused by fatty tissue, for example due to being overweight or a genetic predisposition to breast growth, liposuction is now the method of choice, as it is the most low-risk and least traumatic option.

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Operating time 1 hour
Anaesthesia Twilight anaesthesia/general anaesthesia
Stay Outpatient
Recovery period 3-4 days

What happens during male breast reduction surgery?

Modern liposuction techniques allow male breast tissue to be removed in most cases by making a small incision in the side of the chest wall. First, the tissue is saturated with a special solution. The plastic surgeon then removes the excess fat and tissue using power-assisted cannulas. This technique removes the fat gently and evenly while also working on the gland core. If the liposuction leaves a hard gland core, it may have to be removed in very rare cases by making a small incision along the bottom of the areola. If there is a lot of excess skin, it may also have to be tightened in a combined procedure.

What aftercare is required after male breast reduction surgery?

The day procedure takes around one hour and can be performed either under twilight anaesthesia or general anaesthesia. After a short observation period, the patient is usually discharged on the same day. For the recovery period at home, patients are given an emergency mobile number to contact the surgeon at any time if complications occur.
The patient wears a special compression garment for 6 weeks after the procedure. It accelerates wound and scar healing and is beneficial for the end result. Patients can shower the next day.

What risks are associated with the procedure?

Bruising or swelling in the treated area often occur after the surgery or during aftercare. This is usually nothing to worry about and will disappear by itself.

Cost of gynaecomastia surgery

The cost depends on the extent of the reduction surgery and the physical conditions of the patient. We will discuss the risks, the most suitable method and the individual costs with you during a detailed consultation. medipay can help you cover the costs: It allows you to pay for the treatment in instalments that suit you.

Do you have any questions about male breast reduction surgery?

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