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Information about our pricingTreatment costs at the Klinik am Rhein

Why are there no specific price lists on our website?

In plastic surgery, the price of a procedure or an operation is set on an individual basis for each patient. We also distinguish between procedures that are purely aesthetic and those that are medically necessary. If a treatment is medically necessary, the health insurance providers often cover the costs, however this must be requested separately depending on the findings.

For an aesthetic procedure, the patient and the specialist for plastic and aesthetic surgery look closely during a personal consultation at what the patient would like and what the aesthetic conditions are. The surgeon uses this as a basis to explain the options of an aesthetic procedure available to you. The costs for aesthetic procedures can differ from case to case, depending on the time required and the complexity of a specific procedure. Regardless of whether a patient has excessively large breasts and would like a breast reduction, or a patient would like another method of breast surgery such as a breast augmentation, we are specialists and here to help you. The same applies to aesthetic procedures such as anti-ageing treatments, aesthetic plastic surgery for protruding ears or a tummy tuck. Whether you would like to find out about liposuction to remove fatty tissue or lipofilling to increase fatty tissue, whether you are interested in a rhinoplasty or a facelift, the plastic surgeons at our clinic will give you comprehensive advice. You will also receive non-binding material with information about cosmetic procedures.

What is the breakdown of the treatment costs?

The treatment costs include the entire preliminary examination and preparation, the information appointment and blood tests, the preliminary consultation for the anaesthetic as well as the actual procedure and anaesthesia. The full aftercare including any necessary adjustments to compression clothing, the follow-up and post-treatment at our clinic as well as telephone communication are also included.

Can subsequent costs be incurred?

At our clinic, any subsequent costs incurred within a year are included in the price of the surgery. We want our patients to be happy and are therefore accommodating when it comes to corrective procedures. During the consultation, we will address your personal needs.

Which costs are covered by health insurance providers?

Costs for procedures that are medically necessary are usually covered by health insurance providers. Medically necessary reasons can be discussed during a consultation. Your health insurance provider will make the final decision about whether the costs will be covered and whether it recognises that the procedure is medically indicated and may consult the health insurance medical service.

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