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Mini tummy tuck in Düsseldorf (mini abdominoplasty)

A mini abdominoplasty is the lifting of the lower part of the abdomen; here the wound area is smaller and the scar is shorter than with a regular abdominoplasty. Particularly on the lower abdomen, just above the pubic area, many men and women develop excess skin or an apron-like fold of fat over the years.

Operating time 1-2 hours
Anaesthesia Twilight anaesthesia
Stay Outpatient or 1 night
Recovery period 1-2 weeks

Who is suitable for a mini abdominoplasty?

Mini tummy tuck in Düsseldorf

Causes can be fluctuations in weight, past pregnancies or a general weakness in the connective tissue. Even with horizontal, contracted scarring along the pubic hair line, the excess fatty tissue can protrude; a mini abdominoplasty can solve the problem.

What happens during a mini tummy tuck at the Klinik am Rhein?

Mini tummy tuck at the Klinik am Rhein

A mini abdominoplasty is an excellent option to flatten the abdomen if only the lower part of the lower abdomen sags and the fatty tissue in this area sticks out. During the surgery, the excess skin is resected and the fatty tissue is removed.

After stopping the bleeding, the wound is immediately closed. The upper part of the abdomen around and above the belly button remains tight and is not lifted during the operation. This operation also means it is not necessary to release the belly button. It remains where it is. It is also not usually necessary to tighten the underlying fascia, a so-called rectus fascia plication, as this procedure requires a long, vertical incision in the middle of the abdomen above and below the belly button in order to increase the stability of the inner wall of the abdomen. In this case, a normal abdominoplasty is usually required.

What is necessary after the treatment?

To close the wound, a single continuous suture is made horizontally above the public hair. This later results in a linear scar. This develops into a usually very subtle, thin and faint line as it runs along the natural lines in the skin. Draining is seldom required and the procedure can be performed as an outpatient procedure under twilight anaesthesia. The mini abdominoplasty is usually combined with liposuction of the entire anterior abdominal wall and is ideal for patients with a slack abdominal wall primarily in the lower abdomen.

It is recommended to wear compression clothing after the procedure. Recovery times after a mini tummy tuck are shorter compared to a regular tummy tuck, however patients should avoid exercising and strenuous physical work for 6 weeks to avoid any obvious scarring.

What are the risks of a mini abdominoplasty?

As with other surgical procedures, the risk of side effects can never be fully excluded. However, the specialist team at the Klinik am Rhein has decades of experience, which enables us to reduce the risks such as wound healing disorders or unattractive scarring to an absolute minimum. We also observe the strictest hygiene regulations at our clinic so that infection of the wound can be excluded. In some cases, redness or swelling may appear as the wound heals.

Do you have any questions about the mini tummy tuck?

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